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The Mission Statement of the Presidential Museums

Mission Statement: The Presidential Culinary Museum®, US Food History Museum®, The Inn of the Patriots® and Presidential Service Center™ continue to collect, preserve and interpret history. Through exhibits, educational programs, tours, digital means and web-based instructional methods we foster a deeper understanding of the history of America's First Families likes and dislikes towards food. We also showcase the culinary arts, banquets at Camp David, US State Dinners at the White House, everyday family cooking and favorites, china collections, and china selections. For Officially verified Presidential Service Badge (PSB) wearers and holders (with a serial number controlled by the White House Military Office) we include and showcase all of the contributions of each office to the preservation of the Presidency. Via loyalty, honorable military and civilian service, obedience, zeal, and fidelity with no party lines or political influence, we perpetuate our craft and legacy.

Statement of Purpose: The purpose of The Presidential Culinary Museum® and Presidential Service Center™ is to educate the public about the social, political, military, economic and natural history of serving the Presidency and First Family in all capacities and to emphasize their historical significance. The PSB alumni additionally seek to care for one another in illness and health via contribution and scholarship awards.

Strategy:  It has most often been our strategy to embrace the more significant work of the enlisted men and women of the White House Military Office, lower ranking civilians in service to the President, and staff itself at the White House, yachts, Camp David Resort, Air Force One, rail cars, motor pool, US Secret Service, White House Communications Agency, HMX-1, Marine Corp One, and several other units and offices. We do celebrate and honor high-ranking Generals and Admirals, Doctors and leaders but they do not represent the balance of power supporting the American Presidency. Our strategy is to focus on the average man and woman, the common clerk, and the unknown and unthanked worker.  

Additional strategies include how an ordinary supporter holding a Top Secret clearance, or clearance, serving the Presidency feels about societal issues that the First Family engages in. These can include racism, sex, immigration, ripping down statues, drug use, or other subjects of considerable speculation. This span includes controversial issues that typical museums will not cover, Trustees squelch, or wealthy board members complain about based on their private religion or belief systems. Our strategy also includes not allowing Advisors or Trustees to donate their way onto our board, and those sitting in such capacity should not be requested to provide monies. Both strategies are often used in museums and associations to the detriment of each party.

Dedication: To Walter Scheib, III, Executive Chef of the American White House. Dedication occurred in 2015, posthumously.

Vision Statement: It is the vision of the Board of Directors to continue to expand on our outstanding facilities, holdings, and programs that preserve and promote the history of American Presidential service in all its forms. We have done so for ten years+ - across the world bringing our vision to the global stage. We are practitioners of Jeffrey Fox and his many books made available for all team members, Dr. Deming, Dr. Covey, Dr. Blanchard, and Dr. Ornish. Our vision comes from understanding their principles. 

Clarifying memberships and Clarifying Statement: Any PSB badge wearer and holder that can be identified with a serial number at the White House is welcomed into the Presidential Service Association (PSA) which is a separate association working on an ad-hoc basis with the museum. People are claiming to have been a "White House Chef, a White House Electrician, a White House Security Detail member, etc... can only do so by being party stationed at the White House (East, West Wing), White House or White House Military Office (WHMO). If you visited the White House and held a cooking demonstration with a speech at the Navy Mess, et al. - do not print and publicize that you were a "White House Chef," etc... You were not. What you were was a visiting Chef to the White House that provided a cooking demonstration and speech. But you were not "The White House Chef," you were not, "a White House Chef," and you were not, "one of the many White House Chefs." Verbal and printed statements to that effect are simply lies, and your integrity is at stake. If you cooked several White House State Dinners by invitation or worked as a Chef for WHMO or the White House Staff Mess, it is clarified as the official position of the PSC that you were a White House Chef. Never state that you were THE White House Chef as the word, "THE," is reserved for the White House Executive Chef. Such as Chris Comerford, Henry Haller, and Walter Scheib, III. This methodology can also be used for other positions of an electrician, speechwriter, etc... Individuals have been prosecuted with our help under several acts of falsehood and the Stolen Valor Act in just the past 12 years.

The frequency of Review and Change: Shall be at least annually for all of these statements but at the pleasure of the Board - can be anytime.