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The Presidential Service Center® - A museum on support and protection of the U.S. Presidency


Moving into 2019, we have had 24,230,000+ visitors to the center, website, museum, and been featured on CNN International, PBS, and FOX to 2.6 billion viewers. We've been featured in 160+ newspapers and magazines on earth, in just ten years. Catch us in a new, four-part mini-series with CBS Television (click here) for 2018 showcasing the Trump, museum, Clinton, and Lincoln episodes!

As you arrive for the first time to celebrate supporting and protecting the presidency of the United States of America, you'll feel a sense of pride and momentum building. Presently encased in a 5,000 square foot mansion and museum, the center celebrates how most President's grew up in a simple home. Few were born into wealth and sprawling estates.

We've opened our newest exhibit, "Silence ISN'T Golden."

We've opened our newest exhibit, "Silence ISN'T Golden," in conjunction with, "Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House," motion picture starring Liam Neeson.

The film is the story of Mark Felt, who under the name "Deep Throat" helped journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the Watergate scandal in 1974.

Prince Charles (the 21-year old) meets President Nixon. Princess Anne also attended (19), and Nixon mentioned that "the Prince of Wales visits America once every 50 years."

The Prince said visits would be much more frequent, but the next time back, this President would be gone quickly.

In conjunction with the US Presidential Culinary Museum, we continue featuring our NIXON catsup each day! If you stay over, you'll enjoy it during breakfast. The President's love of catsup on cottage cheese was legendary. The indigenous ingredient of sumac that we use is legendary in the Southeast to make our catsup.

If you've ever been a guest overnight, you know about the raves on the NIXON catsup produced here!

In the top 3% of hotels and museums, worldwide - see the permanent exhibit: "Jackie, How Could You?"


Enjoy our exhibit: "Jackie, How Could You?" launched in conjunction with the motion picture, "Jackie," the exhibition goes into different directions than the film, and beyond topics, anyone is willing to showcase in the museum industry. You may have seen our posters, greeting cards, postcards, and signs on the highway.

Be sure to watch us on FOX Television discussing FOX Searchlight Pictures distribution of the film, nationwide.  

Our china pieces from Limoge, Mottahedeh, and featuring original JFK, Aristotle Socrates Onassis, Naguib Nafuz and King Theseus of Greece are uniquely combined. Our online exhibit is right here showing items not seen in the real museum.

Join us to hear First Ladies speak about the history of their lives...


HUGE SUCCESS: Five First Ladies of the United States were portrayed by the mesmerizing, Jessica Michna in 2017. Hosted by The US Presidential Service Center and The Hatcher Hughes Pulitzer Prize Winning Theater, some guests attended every single show! Join Producer, Martin CJ Mongiello, in 2018, as he presents: GROVER'S FIRST LADY, FRANCIS FOLSOM CLEVELAND. An intimate revelation of five women in the world as portrayed by Jessica Michna. 2018 shows at 7 pm on Sat 6-16 Golda Meir, Mon 6-18 Helen Keller, Wed 6-20 First Lady Frances Folsom Cleveland, Fri 6-22 Eleanor Roosevelt - "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?", and Sun 6-24 Sari Semple.

Please see our previous Facebook Event page for a showcase of information and videos.

Protecting the Presidency began in the 1700's.


Presidential Service began with the American military, in the late 1700's, as military aides and other positions.  One of the first to start was the Life Guard for General Washington in 1776.  

In the 1880's The US Navy requested of President Rutherford B. Hayes, to open a "mess," (or restaurant) which is now known as the White House Staff Mess. It features restaurant service and thousands of take-out meals daily with close to 75 US Navy chefs.  The Navy chefs shop, cook, travel with and protect the Presidency.  

The Presidential Service Center™ has completed a five-year feasibility and research study phase, which began in 2010. It is housed with the existing, and highly successful, Presidential Culinary Museum®. It remains interactive (under an agreement) with The Official Society of World Chefs in Friendship since request in 1994.  They aim to foster care and kindness amongst countries of the world visiting the American White House and Camp David.  To interact with our Presidential Service Badge (PSB) authorized, serial numbered members - please contact us at 001 (704) 937-2940.

The museum is open seven days per week for tours and bus groups.  

We cover Presidential Service via yachts, rail cars, the White House and Executive Mansion, HMX-1 and Marine One, Air Force One, the White House Staff Mess and are on Linkedin and Facebook. 

Initial funding of USD 250,000.00 has been provided by private parties as the museum continues to grow and be digitized.

Digitization includes cataloging, QR codes, and films showcasing POTUS, FLOTUS, and CHOTUS as well as all elements of those who legally served, in honorable status.

If you are a Presidential Service Badge holder with a registered serial number or a civilian who supported the Presidency, that can be verified at the White House, and are interested in purchasing specific items that are needed on our wish list, please contact us at or call us and speak with Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA. 

You already understand that your dedication has protected lives and that part of your legacy will live on long after you've passed.

As you look back on a full life and develop plans that will influence important decisions, like the disbursement of your estate or the memory of your life, we hope you will remember that The United States Presidential Service Center and Museum can be a part of those plans.  

You can ensure that we preserve our history and remind people of our service, and depending on how you choose to support us, you could receive substantial tax benefits.  It's called gift planning, and you've come to the right place to learn more about it.  Please call us to help us grow.


We are engaged in private fundraising opportunities for an expanded and more massive center - with our noted, unofficial advisors.

-Michael C Mongiello, Jr, Chairman of the Board at Mongiello Associates Strategic Marketing.
-Paul Vincent Benedict Brown, Award-winning butler, trained for six years at Buckingham Palace and Director of the Royal Household HRH Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
-Jessica Michna, leading actor for First Lady impressions and famed women of world history.
-Paul Brandus, Award-winning author of Under this Roof and correspondent inside the White House Press Pool, West Wing Reports, and writer for MarketWatch Dow Jones and USA Today.
-Stormy LeAnn Mongiello, PHR, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Vice President.
-Toni Ann Marcolini, Esquire, Attorney at Law.
-Lilah Blackstone, Esquire, Attorney at Law.
-Maria Plinio, Esquire, Attorney at Law.
-Michael A. Nissan, J.D., Director of Communications for Public and Legislative Affairs; Former Presidential Writer at The White House (LA).
-Jack Gelnak, J.D., President, Premiere Wealth Advisors.
-Antwain Thomas - CFO, Principal, Global Wealth Strategies.
-Krister Gustafsson - President of Museum Design and Exhibits.
-James Roy, III Director of the Presidential Service Association, former White House Military Office member.
-Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA, MCFE, Executive Director of the Presidential Service Center™ and Senior Curator of The US Food History Museum™ with exhibit of The US Presidential Culinary Museum® author of six books, including Private Estate Management and Presidential Flavors, former White House Military Office member, a White House Chef and a manager of the Camp David Resort.
-Travis McVey, CEO of Heroes Vodka®, LLC and author Heroes of the Stage, former White House Military Office member on the US Marine Security Detail.
-David Priess, Ph.D., Author of The Presidents Book of Secrets, former Central Intelligence Agency Officer responsible for delivering the P.D.B. to the Oval Office and President on a daily basis.
-Ron Dayan, MBID, Director of Design, Beverly Hills Interiors
-Beau Rothschild, President of Policy and Politics. Principal lobbyist.
-Orlando S. Herrera, Jr., Senior VP of Military Services and Veteran Affairs


The center is not run by any government institution but is a private museum controlled by a private board of trustees. It has been vetted, examined and inspected by the General Counsel of the White House Military Office.


Presidential presentations and shows have been provided on three continents with our association and group since 1994. A most recent dinner and the event being held named The Presidential Wine Dinner was featured in the newspapers and on Facebook here.

In January of 2014, The Inn of the Patriots, host to The Presidential Culinary Museum and Presidential Service Center received the Chamber of Commerce E10 Small Business of the Year Award at the LeGrand Center.


Senior Trustee of the Presidential Service Center, Michael A. Nissan, and President William Jefferson Clinton.  Mr. Nissan is a former Presidential and White House writer.

Symposium on the Clinton Administration

Clinton Presidential Center 10th Anniversary and Alumni Reunion
Little Rock, Arkansas

November 14, 2014


We have recently fielded a flurry of questions about our membership and the "nuclear football." Often the problem about opening the briefcase up, pushing a red button, and firing missiles are suggested.

People are rightly concerned as the President of the United States has the sole authority and decision-making capacity to fire our arsenal of close to 950 missiles quickly.

Additional questions have always been a favorite of misplaced, "cookies and biscuits," by a dry cleaner finding one in President Carter's suit coat pocket, placed into the shoes of President Reagan with his blood-stained shirt and pants cut off at the hospital. 

The exact contents of the briefcase are often asked and what it's like for our Presidential Aides to help the President inside his homes, while he is traveling, or even on a ship.


In 2008 a new, gold Presidential Service Center (PSC) Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) was discussed, reviewed and authorized for complete payment under private funds forwarded from 14592 badge holder and member Martin CJ Mongiello.  Discussion ensued in 2008/9 with a sample idea commissioned in 2010.  During the years of 2010 and 2011, the program was sent to feasibility and research with possible adoption, was rejected and eventually suspended for further design.  In 2012, Mr. Mongiello received guidance from former Presidential aides that visited the museum in 2013 with former Presidential Security Detail member (USMC) Travis McVey. The medal moved forward in 2013 under new design and was authorized for striking to showcase a font of knowledge, lit with flame, bearing present status and ongoing service to better society. Encased in a traditional wreath with a circular design of continuity, the medal is awarded to those serving to make society better and subject to revocation and stripping of award (droit moral) based on behavior standards. Each award winner agrees to their ethical conduct in the future as it would reflect on our members center and association.

The numeral system to be used was offered in 2014 beginning with 1776, a year popular amongst Americans, as significant and noteworthy for service to our country.

1780: John W. Kaufmann, of Chicago, Illinois, for 30+ years of fostering caring foundations and supporting the Armed Forces of America.
1799: Jessica Michna, of Racine, Wisconsin, for her 15 years of First Ladies of the United States portrayals and shows to the public, foundations, and societies. Her education of the people is riveting, mesmerizing and tremendous labor of study.
1798: Aidan Waite, formerly of Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom and The English Connection, for his 20 year-odyssey into helping Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) raise millions of dollars at the Dining with the Master Chefs events.
1797: Sarah Sue Hardinger of Cornelius, NC, author of Ring of Luck, for her 13-year journey in research of American history and publication of her faction book bringing it to life. Sarah Sue Hardinger at time of award, in 2016, was President of the North Branch of the Mecklenburg Historical Association and a colonial period reenactor. 
1796: David Priess, author of The President's Book of Secrets, former CIA Officer and Presidential Daily Briefing coordinator to the Presidency.
1795: Rick Moore for his financial support and help in structuring over $30,000.00 to grow the center and museums as a small business owner and US Army veteran.  Owner of Timm's Furniture.
1794: Presently rejected during the investigation.  Resubmitting.
1793: In committee reviewing letters of reference.  Tribunal requested more information.
1792 and 1791: Cathy Gilbert, author of True for the Cause of Liberty: The Second Spartan Regiment in the American Revolution, Patriot Militiaman in the American Revolution 1775-82 (Warrior) and Cowpens 1781 Cowpens: Turning point of the American Revolution (Campaign).
1790: Kimberly Hambright - for her service to world tours and coverage of the Presidential Service Center from 2009 to 2015 working as Manager at the Center.
1789: Scott Syfert - for his historical work in researching the history of service in the United States to the Presidency and the colonial war effort.  For his publishing of The First American Declaration of Independence? The Disputed History of the Mecklenburg Declaration of May 20, 1775.
1788: Renee Crichter Lyons - for her historical work in publishing the book, Foreign-Born American Patriots: Sixteen Volunteer Leaders in the Revolutionary War.  Awarded after two speeches and book presentations of 2015 and 2016.
1787: Joseph Epley - for his historical work at "The Hanging Tree," incorrect names engraved on the National Park Service Monument at King's Mountain by the United States of America, recognition of Colonel Andrew Hampton and publishing of the book, "A Passel of Hate."
1786: Mark Anthony - for his guidance in hosting the National Convention of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) and historical work on recognizing Ishmael Titus in history.
1785: Brunhilde Vinson - for her work with the Honduras Medical/Dental Mission Team, the Greenville, SC, and Pelzer community.
1784: Solomon Titus Taylor - for his achievements in proliferating Ishmael Titus, black Colonial War hero.  Proven to have fought at the battle of King's Mountain and having his record overturned.
1783: Jack Acheson, Jr. - for his support of many non-profits and Gaston Cancer Services.
1782: Travis McVey - for his Heroes Vodka and giving 25% of profits to AMVETS.
1781: Reserved for future use linked to the Battle of Cowpens.
1780: Reserved for future use related to the Battle of Kings Mountain.
1779: Noelle Verdini - for creating the military food battle to help veterans issues in Ohio.
1778: Samuel Morgante - for veterans showcases on stage at the Ohio Food Show and vet issues supported across the USA.
1777: Stormy LeAnn Mongiello - for US service to shelters, feeding the hungry, providing financial support and work on veterans causes.
1776: Martin CJ Mongiello - for world service to food shelters, emergency causes and veterans issues supported across the country.


The PSC DSM Nomination form is below to be typed and returned with two letters of reference.

Click here to download PDF.


In 2014 it was suggested that a PSC Achievement Medal and a PSC Commendation Medal be struck with an associated handbook, codification and matching little tuxedo and rack ribbons at a meeting with the Sons of the American Revolution host Director, Mark Anthony, at the National Convention in Greenville, SC.  The link provided is for evaluation and discussion and does not constitute any form of endorsement. 

In 2014, during a meeting with Tennessee state Governor Bill Haslam, and his wife Crissy, on Tennessee Plaza for the Veteran's Day Ceremony a gift of a coin was made.  In attendance was former Afghanistan, US Marine Corps sniper Daniel Dean along with Travis McVey and Marti Mongiello.  It was conceived and later discussed with veteran's affairs expert, Stephen Cochran, of the STOP 22 Suicide Campaign and the ASMBA Star Foundation to develop a coin. Additional support was had from Ralph Slane of AMVETS.


The Presidential Service Coin was paid for entirely with private funds (to not burden members with donation requests) and designed for sharing and sale as a fundraiser. Numerous sizes were examined, developed with several, plush, velvet cases featuring gold print and an eventual, full, 3" size. This is one of the largest coins ever issued on earth and is hand painted.  As of 2016, the coins have been shipped worldwide and are available to purchase online at our official, licensed store at Facebook (NO FACEBOOK ACCOUNT REQUIRED TO SHOP).

What our members from the White House Military Office are working on.