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Team BLOG and VLOG celebrating members!

One of our winning teams (Henry Augustin, Marti Mongiello, Tyler Davis, Josiah Nimely, and Clarissa StClair) sent to New York which one two gold trophies and was rewarded with Grand Champion status and then featured on the TODAY SHOW at Rokefeller Plaza


In 2016 we began to review our celebrations of team members and team manuals. Marti Mongiello reviewed some of the most dynamic and new programs available that would engage team members across the internet, and social media to offer unprecedented awards and rewards. This includes multi-voting by team members as to which workers should be getting rewards and removes such from management - a long held belief system taught to Marti by the late, Doctor Stephen R. Covey when they first met in the White House. Marti is spearheading the companies with his wife, Stormy, a PHR with SHRM, into the future and in 2017 selected the Culture Building Platform from O.C Tanner Global Rewards & Recognition System. Their system revolves around "VICTORIES (TM) RECOGNITION people love. Make celebrating workplace heroes social, mobile, engaging, and fun. YEARBOOK (TM) YEARS OF SERVICE awards reinvented. Enjoy more personal, memorable, and meaningful career anniversaries. WELLBEING wellness that works. Challenges and healthy activities that engage and inspire. Tools and resources that help build better habits." These systems turn the entire corporation upside down and celebrate the real value of money and power - that which the people provide who work the family company.

In 2018, Marti enrolled in Lenoir Rhyne University for a MA degree in Leadership with a written recomendation letter from Doctor Ralph Griffith. He was asskisted by Doctor David Jones (a veteran of the USAF and USCG) and his first two professors were Doctors Molly Duggan and Lisa Fournier. Doctor Duggan outlined a real-world curriculum for LED 583.70A_ST: Leading Change in Organizations and ultimately this BLOG and VLOG (Lenoir Rhyne University has no legal, nor business connection, to Mongiello Holdings, LLC group of companies and DBA's, our attorneys, CPA's, and financial advisors worldwide. Martin CJ Mongiello is a student at the university and owns 100% of all of his companies registered in the Chancery of Delaware and with the Secretary of State in North Carolina).

"Bringing the university classroom into the real world of business means today's enrolled student is filming, blogging, and recording everything they say and do for the human race to review, scrutinize and post marks online about. Guests, team members, and clients will also review and score all global behavior creating the truth being revealed. In that way, all future business, or team members, can be constantly feel engaged, capable of effecting change, and knowing we each hold ourselves responsible. "We believe that the simple act of appreciating great work drives behavior, unifies teams, improves retention and significantly impacts your bottom line." O.C. Tanner


1.9.2018 I've decided that donating to the #TIMESUP fund is just not enough, nor are my powerful posts on my and Facebook profiles - so I have decided to request from Dr. Duggan to be allowed to do my first research paper on the #TIMESUP challenges we are all discussing in the workplace. Its an issue everyone can identify with. "Paper #1: Identification of an organizational problem. Identify an organizational problem within your institution. The paper should be 2-3 pages where you briefly describe the organizational context, discuss a focused problem, and provide justification for why this is a significant problem. NOTE: The remaining papers will all center on this “problem.” Dr. Duggan's requirements page.

1.10.2018 I'm getting ready to fly to Washington, DC, with my wife in the morning and we are very proud of how many ladies will be at the meeting in our companies.