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The ARWLHC Objectives and Goals

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The conservation & preservation of our people's history and land...  ~ Greenways ~ Solar, Thermal and Wind Powered ~ Natural Beauty ~ An international destination sharing our help in creating America.  A United States Military DISABLED VETERANS project.

  • Primary core expansion to a minimum 5,000 square foot kitchenware retail shop containing a 1,000 square foot culinary center with nine (9) employees and up to one hundred volunteers (100). See the Rolling Pin model here and the success of the store as well as the USA TODAY article.

  • Workforce development and education programs that are focused on preparing our proposed heavy tourism based workforce for the projects target industries. CLUSTERING.  Cessation of primary emphasis on large box, and large company solutions, coming to the region to create jobs.  Escalation of small business programs to the 50% funding and special tax breaks profile.

  • Entrepreneurship and small business are significant drivers of the economy. Our incubation center is backed by SBA know-how and prowess to succeed where most others have failed. We will set the average person free. We remind that most studies show small business drives 70% of the US economy while 65% of all new jobs in the past 15 years have come from small business.

  • The region and project offers a place for its residents to live, play, and work, and appeals as a place to live for professionals and individuals employed by target industry companies. Our state will double its population before 2030.

  • Places that Matter: protection and preservation of our wetlands, creeks, precious and beloved water, working farmland, working forests, our people's history from Europe, the American Indian nations from Asia, parks and trail development and expansion, historic development of the museum and demonstration area, our mountain range greenways and trails.

  • Reinforcement of the Region’s sites and infrastructure meet the needs of target industries and a growing population.  The Region’s existing talents, leaders, and resources are coordinated so that there is a seamless system for economic development services. This includes support of rehabilitative services for individuals to learn a new trade, restart their life and own their own company. Especially for disabled veterans returning home from the war zones.

  • Simply put: Clean Water Management, Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation, Natural Heritage, OUR History, Parks and Recreation, Economic Incubation & Small Business Nucleus.  This is a continuing objective and goal.

  1. Phase one: Opening of provisional 1776 Farm 2010 and ARWLHC HQ at The Inn of the Patriots in 2011 with The Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce.  2015-2020 opening of newest location.
  2. Phase two: Building of restaurant and shops begins from 2015 through 2020.
  3. Phase three: The Chapel by the Woods project begins to raise funds for build into 2018.
  4. Phase four: Build of interpretation tour guide system.


59% agree that we are losing land so fast that we must find a way to preserve metro areas, farmland and water supply areas.

86% say that they would be likely to support increased funding if it would protect Rivers and waterways.

82% say that they would be likely to support increased funding if it would protect family farms and farmland.

Land for Tomorrow, Independent study completed, 2009

The assorted units confirmed at the NC located ARWLHC property:

  • The ARWLHC - is an umbrella nonprofit public-private project facilitator
  • The South Fork Boys Militia unit - a nonprofit
  • Homes for sale - you own the land also
  • Village of shops and artisans - for profits
  • Colonel Cleaveland Museum - a nonprofit
  • Chapel by the Woods - a nonprofit
  • Colonel Shelby Demonstration Area - nonprofit
  • Colonel Hambright/Hambrecht Inn - for profit
  • 1776 Agri-tourism Farm - for profit
  • Vickie Valentine Jones Beauty Center - for profit
  • The Nature & Earth Spa - for profit
  • Mongiello Associates Strategic Marketing- for profit
  • Blue Moon Paint Horse Riding - for profit
  • John Adams Restaurant - for profit
  • The Spirit of 1776 Small Business Incubation Center (SBIC) - a nonprofit
The Inn of the Patriots by Kings Mountain
301 Cleveland Avenue
Grover, North Carolina, 28073, United States
Call: +1 704-937-2940 or text @ 704-490-3947
A US Military disabled and injured veteran project


AAA Diamond-Ranked country inn with White House Chef, Presidential Culinary Museum® and ranked #1 for History, worldwide

Sleep, Tour, Dine or enjoy cooking classes (lunch included) at a simple, relaxed, casual and loving inn. Home of a Manager of the Camp David Resort, #1 for hospitality. Each room has a private bath, 300 Mbps free Wi-Fi, 417 channels DirecTV. Seen on CNN International, FOX, the TODAY show, twice as a prize on Wheel of Fortune, PBS television, in FOOD Network TV Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and on global TV. Enjoy the Presidential Culinary Museum® Chefs cooking for you daily. While it is not a massive entertainment resort or the Smithsonian ~ it is quaint, eclectic and eccentric! Very close to several world attractions in Charlotte, Shelby, Kings Mountain, NC, Gaffney, Spartanburg and Greenville, SC. A disabled, injured US Military veteran's project.