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As featured on the TODAY SHOW, a special NBC five part series, The NBC Charlotte TODAY SHOW, ABC, CBS, CNN, Brussels TV, Vitaya, NHK and Fox with live stage shows at festivals to one million attendance including the travelling Presidential Culinary Museum archives, First Ladies china collections and numerous artifacts. Broadcasting with our live audience, via Meerkat and Twitter. Be sure to watch us on Welcome Inne, Dining with Chef Marti, All the Presidents' Menu's and Inside the Presidents Cabinet. Sponsors of The Presidential Culinary Museum, Ingles Markets and The Presidential Service Center with SilverTree Entertainment. You can also see Dining with Chef Marti streaming 24 hours a day at STE Originals and Silver Tree Entertainment and Production Company.

  • Inside the Presidents' Cabinet on WBTV CBS TV Inauguration Show Special.
  • On CNN International in 2015 and CNN Espanol.
  • Several episodes filmed with Ingles Markets (NASDAQ: IMKTA), Ingles Table (even more episodes are at this site) and also featured in the Christmas Special on WLOS ABC TV including winning the 2014 Culinary Competition hosted by Ingles Markets at the AB Technical College of Asheville, NC. $3500.00 winning prize went to the Wounded Warrior Project of which Chef Marti is a verified Alumni member.  See the entire profile page for the chefs here.  And be sure to watch us in Atlanta for NBC TV and Atlanta and Company with Christine Pullara.  We visited her recently making gravy (red sauce), pasta, meatballs and also a Hong Kong Turkey Salad.
  • Inside the Presidents' Cabinet showcasing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Seafood Soup on CBS!
  • Inside the Presidents' Cabinet on WBTV CBS TV with Dolley Madison's Fresh Ginger Cake with Black Pepper - Cardamom Syrup, enjoy watching us use Driscoll's fresh fruit - "only the finest berries." And Strawberry Shortcake Day is coming up!
  • See the 1930's antique Parker Brothers White House Egg game on our Easter Egg Roll Special.
  • Inside the Presidents' Cabinet on WCNC NBC TV making the 1800's favorite of many President's, a tasty Charlotte Russe as served by Mary Todd Lincoln!  And more on growing strawberries here.  And be sure to stop in to our strawberry patch friends at Driscoll's - especially with Strawberry Shortcake Day coming up!
  • Watch the Chefs make Thomas Jefferson's favorite Crème Brûlée on NBC WCNC The Charlotte Today Show!
  • Enjoy an invigorating Polynesian Salsa over Black and White Sesame Seed Grilled Swordfish.

Check below for videos featuring the TODAY show at Rockefeller Plaza or on GMA with ABC!

These next two are from an NBC mini-series over five days:

Here is a show that was filmed by AFN in Brussels, Belgium:

And another NBC clip at the Clinton Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

There is more footage at - type in "Mongiello" or "The Inn of the Patriots"

The Inn of the Patriots by Kings Mountain
301 Cleveland Avenue
Grover, North Carolina, 28073, United States
Call: +1 704-937-2940 or text @ 704-490-3947
A US Military disabled and injured veteran project


AAA Diamond-Ranked country inn with White House Chef, Presidential Culinary Museum® and ranked #1 for History, worldwide

Sleep, Tour, Dine or enjoy cooking classes (lunch included) at a simple, relaxed, casual and loving inn. Home of a Manager of the Camp David Resort, #1 for hospitality. Each room has a private bath, 300 Mbps free Wi-Fi, 417 channels DirecTV. Seen on CNN International, FOX, the TODAY show, twice as a prize on Wheel of Fortune, PBS television, in FOOD Network TV Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and on global TV. Enjoy the Presidential Culinary Museum® Chefs cooking for you daily. While it is not a massive entertainment resort or the Smithsonian ~ it is quaint, eclectic and eccentric! Very close to several world attractions in Charlotte, Shelby, Kings Mountain, NC, Gaffney, Spartanburg and Greenville, SC. A disabled, injured US Military veteran's project.