The Inn of the Patriots by Kings Mountain
301 Cleveland Avenue
Grover, North Carolina, 28073, United States
+1 704-937-2940 or text @ 704-490-3947
A US Military disabled and injured veteran project
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Mansion and Museum Tours

of the Hambright / Hambrecht home

The Presidential Service Center with Museum

The Presidential Culinary Museum

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See the famed Vladimir Putin menu in the Clinton section on floor #2.


By 2016, we have had 25,000+ visitors!  See the First Ladies many china sets in all of the colors from each Presidency starting with the Washington's, weapons of the colonial war including bombs, rifles and muskets are handed around to be touched and felt as well as colonial food items.  

"This is an amazing experience unlike any museum we ever go to and we are working on our fourth year with full sized bus tours. We come from out of state every year." Linda Hoffman, owner of Carolina Tours.

"Everyone is still talking about the Presidential Museum and Presidential Service Center featuring our young veterans!"  Casar Baptist Church

"The many bus tours we brought there, day after day, were an exciting success for the City of Raleigh.  Thank you to the whole staff and all of the live cookery show efforts made to a tasty surprise!"  Carmen Rayfield, City of Raleigh

TOUR COSTS: We are open daily, five days per week at 9:30 am Wednesday through Sunday for self-guided tours. However, our GUIDED TOUR starting daily at 9:30 is Thursday through Sunday and lasts about 1 1/2 hours long and is 7 per person. Museum self-guided tours are a 3 dollar donation per person - or please make a purchase from the gift shop.  The museum building talks out loud on 540 AM radio.

LIVE COOKING SHOW COST: Our planned tours can be anytime of day, for groups of 12 or more, and showcase any of our performers, shows and live theater acts. If you have a church group or bus group you can also enjoy a live cooking show for 18 per person (tour included before or after) with hot food sampling (chefs choice) and drinks (typically tea or lemonade) included.  Most groups, like this, last 2 to 2 1/2 hours long but the organizer will master sculpt their own tour in accordance with their needs - for instance, one tour might desire to arrive at 1 pm and ask for a dessert to be made and shown and served, the very next tour may elect to arrive at 9:30 am and have a short one hour total visit.  Everyone is different.  

LUNCH OR DINNER SERVED: Luncheons and lunch meals can be had via one of two suggestions,

A. At Carolina Crossing Restaurant (good country cookin') just two blocks away in Grover (704-937-9393 and Linda is the owner)


B. at Ni Fen Bistro (upgraded gourmet cuisine) just 15 minutes away in downtown Shelby (704-481-8882 Ni Fen is the owner).

We also suggest stopping at our 1. winery of Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard and Winery (click on Attractions) for the bus or tour program coordinators to do a wine tasting (just 22 minutes away) and cheese and crackers can also be had available for an negotiated fee with them as many, beautiful weddings are held at this property.  It is a wonderful, gracious, flowing land that strikes many as picturesque and magnificently preserved, 2. Kings Mountain National Military Park and Museum ((click on Attractions) free and just 9 minutes away)) complete with History Channel Movie Theater (free) to see the whole show in the air conditioned/heated state of the art theater and new, digitized indoor forest museum (certain groups may decide to also enjoy the 1.5 mile historic walking/wheelchair capable trail and monuments).

Digi-mapping and relational understanding of bus/coach driving, stop and turn data, tour guide planner help (with digital overlay) and control of the bus/coach can be used and found here.  This utility can also be used to take control of the machine the guests are in (bus, van or coach) to drive and navigate to each location easily.  All satellite digi-mapping has already been completed and is updated several times per day with database refresh.

Our present three system tours offered daily are:

1. The Lincoln Royal Purple China: A showcase of the human race & world history.  Starts with the perhaps controversial Solferino colored china, continues to the battle of King's Mountain, Presidential collections and underground to the 1879 servants quarters and sleeping rooms.

2. Moonshine, White Lightning and Hooch (outdoor tour on grounds) starts at our still under the walnut trees and proceeds to the Cherokee summer home, root cellar, cooking house chimney and underground servants quarters.

3. Korbel, M&M's, Altoids, Billy Beer, Lifesavers and Whitman's Chocolates  Who gets to be in the White House, Air Force One, Marine One and Camp David?  Do they accept pound cakes and cookies still in tins at the White House?

We also do private tours for groups - by reservation (Red Hats, Historians, etc...). We accommodate bus tours and bus groups up to 44. We have done successful children's groups from schools complete with historical presentations and game playing/lunch area. Our caterer can work with you for lunch or dinner options.  Also, ask about our bus tours and Battlefield Guides.

See our Press Page complete with a link to our Press Office in Paris, France near the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS) headquarters.

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Many tour organizers would like to use our images and logos on their brochures, sales system, in an email announcement, to advertise on their website or for a church flyer to show to possible attendees.  Be sure to go to our Press Office page and scroll down to have access to those.  

Our library at the museum is dedicated to White House Chef, Walter Scheib.  We appeared with him on stage cooking at the White House for US state dinners and on stage with the National Archives and Clinton Foundation.

Walter's written letter of recommendation joins those of the Carter's, Bush's, Clinton's, Ford's and Reagan's: "During the many years that Marti was a manager of Camp David we had little to worry about!  Marti took care of things flawlessly for some of the world's most well known personalities.  He lovingly cared for sixteen private homes, a hotel for the United States Secret Service, lodging for thousands of others and five kitchens all under my purview.  Marti superbly executed daily routines with never a problem, never a worry and never a single need for me to have to come and visit Camp David.

With Marti as a Manager of the worlds finest resort, he also interfaced and worked with the Smithsonian and Library of Congress on all types of unique artifacts, art and holdings.  From conservation to preservation, again, Marti was well known for his excellence of work, fidelity and leadership.  He is a world-class manager and team builder."  November 25, 2009