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It was truly enjoyable to produce and host five First Ladies of the United States live shows at the US Presidential Service Center.

With help from the Hatcher Hughes Pulitzer Prize Winning Theater and US Presidential Culinary Museum we were adept at running ads reaching 225,000+ readers in print (90,000 in CFM's five papers, 87,00 in the Shelby Star, 104,000 via BedandBreakfast.com / HomeAway.com and Facebook ads). Jessica Michna did a superlative job and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. To see some of her videos and photos at the event for ten days long in Grover, North Carolina - please take a look below. You can also have our chefs with myself and Jessica at your next event where we link the food served to my keynote/talk and Jessica's show.  Information on that is here with pricing.

  • Five First Ladies shows 2017 front page of KM Herald
  • Five First Ladies shows 2017
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