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White House Chef's Knives

Being able to use your hands and wrists for your whole life!

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ErgoChef knives, as seen in the movie, CHEF

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Available in metal handle, wood handle or fiberglass handle!  Would you enjoy being able to use your hands into your 80's and 90's?  Enjoy our White House Knife and Presidential Food Service® products.  Buy a single knife today or a fine set while visiting with us in our gift shops! You will be contributing towards growing our disabled, US military veterans project with every caring purchase. We also ship worldwide if you would like to order here!

"I cannot begin to tell you how terrible it has been to see some of my friends and fellow chefs lose their hands and even the capability to pick up a pen or pencil.  Let alone ever hold it again in the hands to write with.  If you want to be able to use your hands throughout your life I recommend medically protecting yourself with the safety of Ergo Chef knives.  And our White House sets featuring the White House Knife™ offer the finest instruments ever made on earth. We former White House Chefs love them, sponsored, authorized and reviewed some 20+ knife companies before settling on Ergo Chef with patents and trademarks to utilize their factories in production."  

Executive Chef Marti Mongiello, Executive Director of the Presidential Culinary Museum® and Presidential Service Center™ and a former White House Chef


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