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The Inn of the Patriots

Enjoy a fun-loving, AAA Diamond-ranked, casual stay with a former White House Chef and his caring family. Seen often on CNN International, FOX and PBS Television your stay includes a six course, colonial style breakfast each day, wine tastings, a guided tour of the Presidential Culinary Museum and more!

First Floor
First Floor rooms are equipped with ALL PRIVATE Bathrooms. "Fun-filled, eclectic stuff all over ~ it took us days to laugh our loving way through seeing everything. I've never been to a place like this, nor listened to such knowledge before about our history and country. US Army Officers, June, 2011 "An EPIC journey, coming here." Gustavo Valdes, CNN International, February, 2015
Second Floor
Second floor rooms are ALL PRIVATE, bathrooms. "I've had enough of gourmet everything and the Ritz in Paris for $900.00 per night. We wanted something with history to sink our teeth into and we got it with tasty food!" James, August, 2010. "It's a quirky, fun place! Wonderful cooking classes with all of the Chefs." Mary, January, 2013
Outdoor Accomodations
This is part of the independent campground on site for those who enjoy camping in the 1780 world of the ARWLHC.