Inn of the Patriots by Kings Mountain, NC
301 Cleveland Avenue
Grover, North Carolina, NC 28073, United States
+1 704 9372940
Or TEXT THE INN @ 704-490-3947

First Floor

First Floor rooms are equipped with Private Bathrooms. ~ "Fun-filled, eclectic stuff all over ~ it took us days to laugh our loving way through seeing everything. I've never been to a place like this, nor listened to such knowledge before about our history and country. US Army Officers, June, 2011 "A cute little mansion, definitely not a luxury getaway at the Peabody, rather a wonderful place to relax. Adorable! Not at ALL what we envisioned - a surprise!" Frank & Joanne, May 2009/2012

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The Baby Ruth Room

1st floor, small private bath/shower. Features a Queen size sleigh bed and is named after President and First Lady Cleveland's child, Ruth. National Historic Preservation Trust turqoise.

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The Magnificent Polynesian

1st floor, small private bath/shower. The Magnificent Polynesian features a fluffy Queen sized bed in a Pacific Rim themed room loaded with palm trees and elegant Asian plants. Huge, designer des

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The Colonel Cleaveland Room

1st floor large, private bath/shower/tub. Features a king sized bed, Flemish tapestries carried from Belgium, fridge/freezer, massive DirecTV Genie HD flatscreen & Blueray/DVD. Large 1879 bathroom.

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Second Floor

Second floor rooms are with Shared Bathrooms and going all private soon. "I've had enough of gourmet everything and the Ritz in Paris for $900.00 per night. We wanted something with history to sink our teeth into and we got it with tasty food!" James, August, 2010. "It's a quirky, fun place! Wonderful cooking classes with all of the Chefs." Mary, January, 2013

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Nature and Earth

NC LAW PET FREE ROOM: 2nd floor, shared bathroom. Nature and Earth features two full sized sapling trees inside the room with a flowing water fountain and queen size bed with wrought iron headboard.

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Oceanicus Blue Dreams

2nd floor, shared bathroom. Oceanicus Blue Dreams features a king sized bed, a tip of the hat to Cornelius Vanderbilt, and the great shipping fleets of the world he and the Vanderbilt family adored.

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Outdoor Accomodations

This is part of the independent campground on site for those who enjoy camping in the 1780 world of the ARWLHC.

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Back Country Militia Rustic Campground

Presently configured as a VERY RUSTIC campground set in the year of 1780 it is perfect for Scout Masters and Unit Officers (Colonels & Majors).

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