The Inn of the Patriots by Kings Mountain
301 Cleveland Avenue
Grover, North Carolina, 28073, United States
+1 704-937-2940 or text @ 704-490-3947
A US Military disabled and injured veteran project

Our caring faculty at the IAHHRM

Devoted during - and long after classes...

We have devoted our lives and teaching to job attainment and remuneration of students - to judge and examine success of instruction.

Stormy LeAnn Neal, BA, PHR, SHRM-CP - President
Allan B. Miller, REM - Director of Education, Managing Director
Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA, REM, CPFM, MCFE - VP of Hospitality
Ann Edwards, Vintner and Winery Expert
Charles Edwards, MS, Vineyard and Farming Expert
Rick Scott, REC - Executive Chef
Travis McVey - Spirits Expert, Mixologist
Geoffrey Barrington, III - Executive Assistant to Mr. Mongiello
Michael C Mongiello, Jr., BA, - Vice President of Executive Recruiting
Marion Bonnette - Executive Recruiter and Resume Expert
Kimberly Hambright Haney, RHM - Household Manager
Sean Downey - International Cuisine Chef
Laura Crocker - Housekeeping Director
Alexis Skidmore - Nanny and Early College Expert
Krister Gustaffson - Creative Director
Joshua Romesberg, RMD - Maintenance Director
James Blakely, RG - Zen Garden Designer