Über unsere Köche und Gastwirte

Inn Manager und Küchenchef Kim Hambright (links) arbeitet seit fast zehn Jahren mit uns zusammen!

Sie studiert, um eine Krankenschwester mit ihrem vierjährigen Grad zu werden und wird auf der ganzen Welt von unseren Gästen als Frau Kindness bekannt. Und ihr größter Fan ist Prinzessin Rania Isabella, die normalerweise ihren Joghurt stiehlt!

Kim ist 2016 Trägerin der Presidential Service Center Distinguished Service Medaille.

Orlando Herrera is a Marine Corps Veteran and guest speaker at the inn and museums. As the VP of Government Services and Veterans Affairs, he resides in Washington, DC and coordinates other meetings and exhibits showcased at the inn including research, think tank reports, and new shows.

He's an experienced Chief Executive Officer of a production company, with a demonstrated 38-year history of working in the mental health care industry. He's very skilled in nonprofit organizations, music publishing, music management,  and program evaluation. Orlando is an energetic entrepreneur and professional representing our expansion. As a Doctoral Student of Philosophy in Psychology, he has focused in General Psychology from Northcentral University.
Mindy Reynolds is a graduate of UNC Wilmington and a lover of all things football. Between her and Chef Stormy, we are uncertain of who has memorized more stats?

Mindy has three children and loves teaching, which she has done for over a decade in the North Carolina elementary system. Today she is happy to help teach our over 5,000 graduates in the Cooking School, host kids classes, and more. As an instructor and chef, she shines for her excellence in diligence, concern for platinum standards, and kindness to guests. Mindy is also a trained butler and the Executive Assistant to Mr. Martin of the Mongiello family.
Allan Miller is a classically trained Butler, Estate Manager and the Managing Director of the estate. Allan has cared for CEO's and the top 2% of families in America for 30+ years. He is a long-term resident of Palm Beach, Florida where he has worked for the same family forever! 

As the family office manager of Casa di Molinero, Allan is proud of having taught students on Air Force One, the Camp David Resort and Conference Center, and the White House. HIs teachings as the Director of Education at the International Academy of Household, Hotel, and Resort Management (IAHHRM) have been felt worldwide by students in many countries. Allan has also won numerous Maine State Fair Blue Ribbon awards in first place for his baking, year-after-year!

Sous Chef und Assistant Gastwirtin Alicia Guinyard ist stolz darauf, vor kurzem ein Abendessen für zystische Fibrose in Charlotte zu kochen. Im Quail Hollow Country Club half sie uns, $ 567.000,00 in einer Nacht mit 16 Stunden Arbeit zu sammeln! Alicia lebt in der schönen Helena, Montana und reist gerne.

Küchenchefin Alicia ist derzeit eine Sous-Chefköchin und wird ihre Prüfungen ablegen, um zum Chef de Cuisine zu avancieren. Sie hat sechs Kinder und macht sich auch auf den Weg zu ihrem Abschluss. Sie wird weiterhin vom US Presidential Service Center empfohlen.

Antwain Thomas is the Chief Development Officer for the inn's expansion, frequent guest speaker at the inn, and advisor in Washington, DC, where he resides. 

His background involves international project management and planning, wealth & asset management, international trade, institutional finance, philanthropy, military and government communication and logistics, telecommunication/SATCOM security, Internet/Data Policy, global logistics, and Homeland Security.

Antwain is a military veteran and lived in Japan for many years with the Seventh Fleet.

Alexis Skidmore, Schauspielerin und Schauspielerin, war während ihrer Schul- und Collegezeit die meiste Zeit eine Ehrenschülerin. Sie beendete ihren ersten Hochschulabschluss noch am selben Tag, an dem sie die Kings Mountain High School, NC, abschloss.

Als Schauspielerin hat sie dem Living History Centre des Amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitskriegs (ARWLHC) geholfen, eine Reihe von historischen Anlässen zu verkünden und zu feiern . Dazu gehört auch der schwarze Held des Königsbergs, Ishmael Titus.

Chef Rick Scott (left) works with Chef John Sarich of Chateau St. Michelle Winery on another television episode and filming. Rick has been globe-trotting ever since he began serving in his famed Ohio restaurant and took a job serving as the chef for America at the Embassy in Switzerland!

His long-heralded work as the Executive Chef of the Tokyo American Club (TAC) in serving Akebono the Champion Sumo Wrestler, Prince Masahito Hitachi, and being knighted into the Chaine de Rotisseurs Tokyo Chapter has only been eclipsed by his estate work for Oprah! Ricks previous work as Executive Chef and recipes published extended into Kikkoman, with Robert Mondavi wine dinners, advising Calvados of France, cooking for the Royal Household of Saudi Arabia and Prince Fahad as well as being featured across television worldwide! Rick's work today continues to facilitate billionaire's homes in Maui. His work and gifts to help the US Navy were covered in Peter Knipp's New Asia Wine and Cuisine Magazine of Singapore as well as TAC's large-format Members Magazine.
Chefkoch Stormy Mongiello kocht seit ihrer Amtszeit als Präsident der FH of America in der High School. 20 Jahre später ist sie auf der Bühne, um 500.000 Besuchern pro Tag in San Francisco, dem Arts-Beats- und Eats Fest von Detroit, dem International Balloon Festival von Albuquerque, der New York State Fair, der Makuhari Messe der Tokyo-Japan Show, der Kostprobe von St. Louis, Foxwoods, dem Jacob K. Javits Center und in Seoul auf der South Korea Hotel and Food EXPO. Um ein paar zu nennen. Sie hält eine PHR mit einem BS-Abschluss in Business von WIU. Sehen Sie mehr hier ...
Marti Mongiello was a White House Chef and a General Manager of the Camp David Resort and Conference Center for several years. He was a member of the White House Military Office and has worked with the last five Presidents of the United States on many opportunities. Marti has personally taught and graduated just over 5,000 students at the International Academy of Household, Hotel, and Resort Management (IAHHRM). This has included a team for the Royal Family of the United Kingdom and many other top 2% family offices.

Marti retired from the US Military and holds a 30-retirement certificate as a disabled and injured veteran member of the VFW, WWP, DAV, AL, and IAVA. He was knighted in Belgium and wears the Iraq Medal, five Navy Achievement Medals, three Navy Commendation Medals, Expert Pistol Shot gold Medal, Rifleman Medal, and the Distinguished Service Medal from the State of New Jersey. Marti has lived on three continents as a healer, mediator, and expert contractor for trillions of dollars in negotiations and purchasing. Marti has managed large resorts to 1500 rooms, 6700 team members and dozens of direct reports.

General Manager und Küchenchef Kim Hambright
Asst. Gastwirt und Sous Chef Alicia Guinyard
Asst. Gastwirt und Sous Chef Kendra Hubbard
VP der Instandhaltung, Jerry Goforth von HomeSpectors
Alexis Skidmore, Gastgeber und kolonialer Schauspieler

Chefkoch und Präsident Stormy Mongiello
Vorsitzender und ehemaliger Chef des Weißen Hauses Marti Mongiello

Hall of Fame Mitglieder, Ad-hoc-Köche und Gastwirte
Howard Liss, Unternehmer der Unternehmen
Sean Downey, Gastkoch der internationalen Küche
Kendra Hubbard, Gastgeber, stellvertretender Gastwirt und Küchenchef