The ARWLHC Board of Advisors

A cross section of industry specific experts

Shaping team:

Marc Anthony - Executive Director

Coit McCarter - Antiques Expert

Russell McCarter - Antiques Expert

Ed McLean - Rural Hill Center of Scottish Heritage, former Executive Director

Cathy S. Cowan - Equestrian Director
Paige Livert - Equestrian Director

Zach Lemhouse - Music Advisor

Danny F. Harrill - Marine Corps League #1164

Stormy Neal Mongiello, PHR - HR Director

Michael Mongiello - Chairman of the
Board, Mongiello Holdings, LLC - Mongiello Associates Strategic Marketing

Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA - The Inn of the Patriots 

Allan Miller, CHM - Restaurateur

Jason Rhodes - Farm Consultant

Matt Vincett - Artillery Director

Howard Liss - Bicycle Rental and Sales Shop with Trail Interpretive Riding

Reg Alexander - Crosswalk Executive Director, our partner attraction park

Wayne Wilkinson - Executive Producer, NewRMedia Studios

William Richard King - Kings Forge and Muzzleloading.  Blacksmithing and Handheld Firing Weaponry Advisor and supplier of 17th, 18th and early 19th century weapons.

Jessica Michna - Stage show advisor

Renee Crichter Lyons - Historical Advisor

Orlando Herrera - Veterans Affairs Vice President

Antwain Thomas - Chief Development Officer

Reserved for future use with TPA Board of Trustees and Advisors

Reg Alexander - Pastor and Managing Director

Keith Miller - Operations Manager

Michael Lambert - Lambert Construction Company