The ARWLHC Mission Statement

When veterans and historians unite
“This is a place of inspiring memories. Here less than a thousand men, inspired by the urge of freedom, defeated a superior force entrenched in this strategic position. This small band of patriots turned back a dangerous invasion well designed to separate and dismember the united colonies. It was a little army and a little battle, but it was of mighty portent. History has done scant justice to its significance, which rightly should place it beside Lexington and Bunker Hill, Trenton, and Yorktown, as one of the crucial engagements in our long struggle for independence.”

President Herbert Hoover, October 7, 1930, atop Kings Mountain

2.5 MILLION post-9/11 veterans in the U.S.

60% of our post-9/11 veterans are under the age of 34.

72% of our post 9/11 vets have some college experience.

13%-20% of our post-9/11 veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress.

71% of Americans have little to no understanding of the issues facing our post-9/11 vets.

13.7% of our post-9/11 veterans start businesses - vs. 9.8% of non-vets.

82% of our post-9/11 veterans would recommend Military Service to a young person.

About the NC project:
5.2 million in grants identified - 330 PT jobs - 42 FT jobs, 850 bus tours yearly, 3.2 million visitors, per year, from around the world.  A 60 million dollar project, evolving to 600 acres, leading into the year of 2065.  Now with 19, signed, business partners as of 5/2013

The ARWLHC & Experience will build off of it's disabled veterans project success, and world awards for 2008 through today, as part of the, "Best of the Best in the World in lodging for History," (2009-2010 award via, being a Zagat 26 inn and will become known as a larger, expanded world attraction, to visit and enjoy. Preference will be given to disabled war veterans in assisting them to open their own business with the USDA or SBA. We will leverage our strengths in business, economic diversity and entrepreneurial zeal to sustain a diverse and healthy economy for our people. Our vision celebrates the historic, tourism focused resident in the King's Mountain battle and freedom region - a light for the world to see, hear, taste and touch.

Geographically, we encompass the greater Charlotte, Greenville, Asheville Metrolina Region across two states and 30 counties. We will protect and preserve land and water forever - for our future - while managing our timber, encouraging ecology and planting organic crops (Website Analysis Study 2009, Business Plan Report and Feasibility Study 2010, KM Marketing and SWOT Analysis 2010).

"We helped change the world via war by order of our own citizens who paid us. Now upon our return home from the jungles and deserts - young veteran unemployment is up to 20% and homeless vets exceed regular homeless numbers. Our counties experience higher than average unemployment - for decades on end. Now we will employ ourselves, help others, breath only LIFE into worlds and economically help our counties to grow. Our work is yet finished on earth - the power to create and build will begin, with veterans helping veterans."
Martin CJ Mongiello, CSCS (SW/SS), USN, Ret.
Kiwanis Club of Kings Mountain speech,
March, 2010