We are currently not accepting any more bookings as we work and talk with different, potential, investors to build a new, much larger resort in America. Our European and Asian hotels (click) and resorts continue to welcome you! Our loving home has now been privatized for our family only to enjoy. Please call us at 704-490-3947 if you have any questions. We love and thank all former guests at this location who appreciated and supported us for so many years! After ten years, in 2019, our team received the award of 9.8 out of 10 from! This award came from world guests across Europe, America's, and Asia and analyzed reviews from guests going back years. In 2018 we appeared for the fifth time on Wheel of Fortune as a prize, totaled 160+ newspaper and magazine articles on earth and were featured on CBS, PBS, FOX, CNN, ABC, and NBC to 2.6 billion+ viewers!
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