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The Inn of the Patriots (301 Cleveland Avenue Grover, North Carolina 28073)

A AAA Diamond ranked inn with Presidential Culinary Museum onsite, cooking classes, gift shops, and a former White House Chef preparing your six-course breakfast daily. Buy the $400.00 gift certificate as a present! Includes free Wi-Fi 300 Mbps access daily, a 2-night stay in any room, COOKING CLASS FOR 2 with meal, a 1 1/2-hour guided tour of the museum, daily breakfasts, wine tour tasting of 10+ wines, free Wall Street Journal and USA Today daily, a free cider flight at the Dragonfly Wine Bar, a free dessert at our Ni Fen Kitchen restaurant and a free appetizer at our Ni Fen Bistro PLUS - a $75.00 dinner voucher! NO EXPIRATION, NO GAMES, NO RESTRICTION, NO BLACKOUT, AND NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS!!! We put an end to the lies that only others engage in.

You can give a fantastic cooking class today or nights stay anytime you like just by sending a loving friend, family, partner, colleague or buddy a Gift Certificate! We have hundreds of folks doing it now for over eight years, right here.

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