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Chef Marti Mongiello is perhaps an excellent illusionist and magician.  Famed for fooling the Clinton’s with his healthy kitchen magical acts and medical-based, illusionist-like cookery, he is highly featured worldwide on the TODAY show, NBC Nightly News, CNN, PBS, NHK TV in Tokyo & TV Brussel in the Capitol of the European Union. The most recent articles entitled, “Fooling Clinton,” were featured on POST TV, in the Washington Post, The Times of London, India Times, The Australian, Yahoo Shine with millions of hits and almost shut down the Huffington Post website. He is the Senior Curator at The Presidential Culinary Museum and Presidential Service Center.

See more at one of his three his agent's websites, Sheldon Senek of Eagles Talent or call, to examine themes and programs offered.  To speak directly with his entertainment attorneys and agents, Maria Plinio and Toni Ann Marcolini, please visit or call STE Originals Production Company.  For high capacity draw to your event be sure to book early to get Chef Marti.

See the shows worldwide and watch video clips on stage live to 5,000 in attendance complete with other clients.

  • How I tricked the Clinton’s (and got away with it all) – CheeseCakeGate
  • Medical and healthy cuisine and living a more robust life
  • Lessons in military leadership from the nuclear, underwater fleet
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Serving and cooking in the White House
  • The Top Secret resort of Camp David Retreat and Conference Center
  • Non-profit fundraising dinners

Traveling from Charlotte, North Carolina.