Our Green Initiatives

Our green initiatives and the highest awards available have not come easy.  From the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and GreenLeaders Silver level award from them, to the state of North Carolina highest green award of Three Dogwood Blossoms, we believe in a beautiful planet for our son and daughter.  And for their children as well.

To that end, here are a few of the items we are doing:

  • Used soap and shampoo collection being sent to the Global Soap Project which makes new, sanitized soap for Africa out of it.
  • Cheap Embarrasing Plastic Bags Program - nothing could be more embarrasing than to use grocery store bags in our trash cans to the chagrin of guests.  "How low-class this place is!"  But actually, it has earned us high marks from most guests for collecting them from the community and re-using them giving them a second life.
  • Full CFL program building wide now converting to a full LED program.
  • New energy efficient dishwasher, refrigerator and washer installed.
  • Easter Egg Chickens onsite hatching farm fresh green eggs daily.
  • Usage of leftovers for composting or to the chicken feed program.
  • Lint and dryer sheet capture program to start fires with.
  • Addition of specialized polymer to antique windows to save energy usage.
  • Rain water capture barrels installed.
  • Egg shell, tea and coffee grinf capture to 40' long compost pit on 1776 farm.
  • Growing of blueberries, lemons, figs, apples, rosemary, basil, tomatoes, chocolate mint, orange mint, spearmint, Italian flat leaf parsley, green and red peppers, garlic, lettuces, lemon verbana, strawberries, squash, pumpkins, patty pans and watermelons on our 1776 farm. 
  • Rain bird system of controlled watering for crops.
  • Hanging towel cards for bathrooms encouraging guest system of saving water.
  • Large blanket program in each room, in each outdoor lounge and in living room for guests to use and enjoy instead of using energy to become comfortable.
  • Solar panel lights for ground lighting and all lanterns across revolutionary war site.
  • Recycling of plant bottoms to regrow lettuce, garlic and parsley.