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One of our winning teams (Henry Augustin, Marti Mongiello, Tyler Davis, Josiah Nimely, and Clarissa StClair) sent to New York which won two gold trophies and was rewarded with Grand Champion status and then featured on the TODAY SHOW at Rockefeller Plaza.


In 2016 we began to review our celebrations of team members and team manuals. Marti Mongiello considered some of the most dynamic and new programs available that would engage team members across the internet, and social media to offer unprecedented awards and rewards. This includes multi-voting by team members as to which workers should be getting rewards and removes such from management - a long-held belief system taught to Marti by the late, Doctor Stephen R. Covey when they first met in the White House. Marti is spearheading the companies with his wife, Stormy, a PHR with SHRM, into the future and in 2017 selected the Culture Building Platform from O.C Tanner Global Rewards & Recognition System. Their system revolves around "VICTORIES (TM) RECOGNITION people love. Make celebrating workplace heroes social, mobile, engaging, and fun. YEARBOOK (TM) YEARS OF SERVICE awards reinvented. Enjoy more personal, memorable, and meaningful career anniversaries. WELLBEING wellness that works. Challenges and healthy activities that engage and inspire. Tools and resources that help build better habits." These systems turn the entire corporation upside down and celebrate the real value of money and power - that which the people provide who work for the family company.

In 2018, Marti enrolled in Lenoir Rhyne University for an MA degree in Leadership with a written recommendation letter from Doctor Ralph Griffith. He was assisted by Doctor David Jones (a veteran of the USAF and USCG), Doctor Hank Weddington, and Doctor Lisa Fournier (LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Lenoir Rhyne University has no legal, nor business connection, to Mongiello Holdings, LLC group of companies and DBA's, The Inn of the Patriots, LLC, our attorneys, CPA's, and financial advisors worldwide. Martin CJ Mongiello is a student at the university and owns 100% of all of his companies registered in the Chancery of Delaware and with the Secretary of State in North Carolina).

Bringing the university classroom into the real world of business means today's enrolled student is filming, blogging, and recording near everything they say and do for the human race to review, scrutinize and postmarks online. Guests, team members, and clients already discuss and score all behavior and results daily. In that way, all business, or team members, can continuously feel engaged, capable of effecting change, and knowing we each hold ourselves responsible. "We believe that the simple act of appreciating great work drives behavior, unifies teams, improves retention and significantly impacts your bottom line." O.C. Tanner

To follow along on our Facebook and Twitter blogging and updating daily please scroll down to our front page to see our live posts. Our CEO, Marti Mongiello's Linkedin account is robust with daily blogging, and for a two-year continuous archive of all newsletters, news releases, media advisories, and press releases, please see our Press Office.

Reflecting over the years on Mongiello Holdings The Inn of the Patriots and museums, two primary embedding mechanisms are showcased in events of three years ago. How leaders react to critical incidents is noted when a fire broke out next door at two in the morning. The ownership was on site and responded in bathrobe and underpants to attack the fire with 100 foot of garden hose and protect the museum and inn. Meanwhile, guests had been gotten up and were being evacuated to avoid any risk while waiting on the fire department. Reaction times were swift and within 30 seconds (measuring and what they pay attention to) of leaping out of bed as the neighbor's barn reach fire heights of 100 foot in the sky and flames 50 feet in diameter. Safety meetings for ten years on a quarterly basis have shown what is paid attention to at the corporation. These two assume that people care about life safety, details, and reacting in the face of death to save others. Many do not, and many cannot.

Another primary embedding mechanism seen is the recent award of a gold medal around the neck of a housekeeper, with a red, white, and blue ribbon - who has worked with the team for eight years. The ceremony occurred in front of close to 100 people during a Chamber of Commerce event hosted on the property. This mechanism assumes leaders want to be kind to team members and reward them in front of others – not privately.

Some secondary reinforcement and stabilizing mechanisms identified are stories about famous events like the fire – often told and how the people rebuilt things while never closing one day. The rites and rituals of the company stem from military service such as the award ceremonies. These are reinforced with organizational command and control structures, discipline, love, caring for the real team members, and specified procedures in detailed handbooks.

Recently, in seeking to expand our public positions on TimesUp and #MeToo with financial donations, an open exhibit on Presidents of the United States engaging in sex in broad daylight in Central Park and the White House, and embracing the movement, we have found little denial. However, there has been some small resistance in not understanding how forced arbitration clauses and settlements have been damaging to society. To change the culture; we have highlighted the often illegal nature of awards as evidenced by Shea (1998) towards both parties. Ultimately, the worker is showcased by Sternlight (2014) as losing out and the consequences shown by Cline, Walkling, and Yore (2017) to the individual assaulted, and the company is terrible. Change is being effectuated and sought to finalize this month our posters, training, and policy papers informing guests, contractors, and team members that we do not settle sexual assault and criminal claims to avoid police reporting and law enforcement investigation. As a vast change worldwide, it is believed this should be endorsed and adopted by companies. Companies that try to hide sexual assault reports in HR and Legal departments with payoffs should announce that is not allowed now. Posters on walls with signed policy papers will let the entire workforce know the only avenue is to call law enforcement. Since we have never had such a claim, report, or incident we feel leading the way is the thing to do. This program is the change sought by all companies to copy.

Cline, B. N., Walkling, R. A., & Yore, A. S. (2017). The consequences of managerial indiscretions: Sex, lies, and firm value. Journal of Financial Economics.

Shea, J. D. (1998). An Empiracle Study of Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Claims in the Post-Gilmer Securities Industry: Do Arbitrators' Written Awards Permit Sufficient Judicial Review to Ensure Compliance with Statutory Standards. Suffolk UL Rev., 32, 369.

Sternlight, J. R. (2014). Disarming employees: How American employers are using mandatory arbitration to deprive workers of legal protection. Brook. L. Rev., 80, 1309.

This post was initially submitted as curriculum work to the university, earlier in April 2018.

10/16/2018 I had the opportunity to review Dick Marcinko's book, Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior, A Commando’s Guide to Success

Martin C.J. Mongiello

Lenoir-Rhyne University

A film short made about this project is here:


This paper is a book review and explores the work by Richard Marcinko named Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior, A Commando’s Guide to Success. He is a well-published Sea-Air-Land (SEAL) retired warrior and US Navy Commander. The book translates special warfare (SpecWar), assassination, killing force, kill power, weaponry, training, tactics, and techniques, and converts them into business use for today's leader. This paper examines the rational and sane application of, “today’s global business competitors can be as hostile as enemy snipers, and as unpredictable as terrorists,” (Marcinko, 1996, p. 154).

            Keywords: special warfare, sea air land

Preface About Writing Style

Richard (Dick) Marcinko has published several books like this one which utilizes a three-phased spectrum of writing. He opens a chapter with discussion, provides personal stories of example from operations in the field called lessons from war, and then will often showcase a current business leader. This methodology offers perspective for the reader on how war conduct can be translated into professional work.

Usage of Famous Quotes in Writing

Marcinko often quotes famous people at the beginning of his chapters. The tactic gives credence to his proposed lessons and teachings as they are selected to reflect precisely that sections work. Marcinko (1996) found, “When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. Vietnam veterans’ proverb,” (p. 131) as amplifying evidence for his tenth chapter:

The Tenth Commandment. Thou shalt, in thy Warrior’s Mind and Soul, always remember My ultimate and final Commandment: There Are No Rules-Thou Shalt Win at All Cost (Marcinko, 1996, p. 129).

Also stated is, “He who overcomes an enemy by fraud is as much to be praised as he who does so by force, Niccolo Machiavelli,” (Marcinko, 1996, p. 131) and, “Conventionality is not morality, Charlotte Bronte,” (Marcinko, 1996, p. 131). Although Marcinko does consider it a privilege to lead others like Knutson and Patton (1992, pp. 38-43) the reader may wonder at times. However, if the reader will give the book a long-term view and read on through they will not be disappointed.

            Possibly Twisting Quotes to Excuse Engagement in Unethical Conduct.

            Throughout the book, the reader will be challenged to rewrite the rules and not fight fair consistently (Marcinko, 1996, p. 132) while adhering to lopsided and unequal advantage. This allows today’s professional to enact warfare and assure themselves of winning. While an average reader may find this to be unethical filth and has no place in war or business, they may have misread the book. Not every reader will enjoy reading about killing, slaying, exterminating, and assassinations. Readers should consider that there are only 22 million veterans in America out of a population of 320 million total. Many aspects of leadership require continually staying abreast of the newest generational shifts and perceptions of the young studying their leader's rules (Schoultz, 2018, pp. 127-145). Marcinko is an advocate of this constantly shape-shifting behavior to provide for innovation, invention, modernization, and rejuvenation. Like Bolman & Deal (1994) the author does embrace old ideas and still values those of Attila the Hun (pp. 77-96). It was found that he is not twisting quotes to excuse engagement in unethical conduct but instead using quotes that some people may not want to know about, or hear.


            Accused Use of Unethical Conduct in Dangerous Leadership Lessons.

            Further under quotations and suggestions of not fighting fair are direct examples of military conduct that astounds. One may find it to strike the fear of God throughout themselves or be unable to read more in-depth. In one case Marcinko mentions engaging in a High-Altitude-Low-Opening (HALO) jump and shocking everyone by announcing he would jump out of the plane five miles up in the sky - and not open his chute until the 138-foot mark. For many professionals, this type of behavior is considered illegal, dangerous, childish, and outright dumb. However, Marcinko wanted to make a point and not just become a boss; he wanted to become a leader. “None of them would ever have any problems taking orders from me,” (Marcinko, 1996, pp. 51-53).

Chapter Breakdown and Ten Commandments

            The author utilizes his Ten Commandments of SpecWar to not only outline the entire book with chapters, but they form the explanation in each. His commandments initially provide great insight into what the topic will be about and then an explanation takes place for this line of reasoning and why it should be adopted:

1.      I am the War Lord and the wrathful God of Combat, and I will always lead you from the front, not the rear.

2.      I will treat you all alike-just like sh*t.

3.      Thou shalt do nothing I will not do first, and thus will you be created Warriors in My deadly image.

4.      I shall punish thy bodies because of the more thou sweatest in training, the less thou bleedest in combat.

5.      Indeed, if thou hurteth in thy efforts and thou suffer painful dings, then thou art Doing It Right.

6.      Thou hast not to like it-thou hast just to do it.

7.      Thou Shalt Keep It Simple. Stupid.

8.      Thou shalt never assume.

9.      Verily, thou art not paid for thy methods, but for thy results, by which meaneth thou shalt kill thine enemy by any means available before he/she killeth you.

10.  Thou shalt, in thy Warrior’s Mind and Soul, always remember My ultimate and final Commandment: There Are No Rules-Thou Shalt Win at All Cost. (Marcinko, 1996, p. Preface).


A unique read, there is one resounding factor that continually comes through like a bell ringing in the tower of a mind – this is what real leadership is. Raelin (2006) mentioned how General Colin Powell stated leaders, articulate vivid, overarching goals and values, (2006). Marcinko is the most vivid, real leader one may ever hope not to meet. His explanations of how to use global killings in warfare to the business suite are as accurate as a sniper firing a well scoped .50 caliber rifle.

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Click here for a slide deck style Adobe .pdf of the video below. And here is my complete paper in an APA 6 format.