The Intercontinental Academy of Household, Hotel and Resort Management

Estate Management Curriculum

Certificate, business & continuing education programs specific to private homes, yacht/equestrian/shooting/country clubs, hotels, and resorts. Each is designed to provide, coach, and teach exceptional personal service levels typically only found at The White House, Camp David Resort, Vice President’s Naval Observatory Home and Air Force One. We offer the capability to study long distance via digital textbooks on a tablet and web-based instruction, on your site or at our mansion studying.

Students are lifelong learners and can take over 40,000 courses online - with a current student body of just over 12 million and 20,000+ instructors. Presently there have been 55,000,000+ enrollmentsover 9,000,000 hours of video content are available, and instruction is available in 80+ course languages. Classes and Instructors are continuously rated (and ranked) for satisfaction, adhesion, and happiness. Students enrolled are taught by an expert instructor, and every course is available on-demand so that students can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on any device.

These skill sets, duties, and responsibilities are all IAHHRM CORE CREDITS required for a Registered Estate Manager (REM) certificate. Fewer credits are needed for our other registrations and licenses.

Employers can have team members take one class to fill a gap in their service - or take the entire course.

All graduates have a Licensed Registry Number verifiable on our website and are published in our register. Typically required success criteria and skill sets achieved will be easy to answer during interviews.

Being the highest position in a private household and estate, Registered Estate Manager (REM), our Board of Review is looking to track students towards a curriculum of the following and being able to satisfy these criteria. 

Management: Superlative demonstrated skills in managing task lists, people, and work projects. Fully capable and certified in computer applications of spreadsheets and communications (Apple or Windows packages).

Budgetary responsibility experience commensurate with the needs of the estate system. What is the most significant budget they have ever been responsible for? How deep into accounting have they gone… Excel, QuickBooks, Timberline, and Peachtree? List and discuss some favorite management principles, philosophies, and books. Address management challenges and how they overcame several examples. Here a degree is paramount.

A Bachelors is recommended, but a Masters is better. An MBA is excellent for large homes across numerous countries. Able to build and promulgate job descriptions. Demonstrate extensive knowledge of OSHA and EEOC laws.

Leadership: A comprehensive understanding and resume showcase of knowing the difference between Management, Leadership and Mentoring are typically discussed in this phase. Documented success stories are proven by the candidate. Possibly authored and published articles or other accomplishments recognized by significant authorities are shown. Leadership mannerisms are discussed - that they use. “Do as I do and also as I tell you to do.” Do they know how to lead by example – give five examples? Specifically, ask what Leadership classes, schools, and programs they have graduated from or attended. Have them make a list of them.

A leader knows what to do in a crisis – also. Are they First Aid, CPR Adult, CPR child, and CPR Infant certified? Are they approved to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)? Are they Red Cross certified to babysit?

Mentoring: The capability to coach teams and grow them utilizing average, organic labor pools - on average pay. Previously documented experience in developing commonplace teams into leading performing groups. Recorded performance in building teams into world-class level service standards that typically would cost twice as much. Able to explain the areas they would teach and instruct in for Valet, Crystal, China, Cookery, Gardens, New Construction, Smart Home, Alarm Design, Driving, Protection, Computerization, Service in at least five different methods (French service, American service, Russian service, etc…), Art and Artifact Care, etc… What areas will they grow people in to make the whole staff more valuable than they already are?

Establish Family Service Standards System Creation of Service Flow and Family Desired Service Standards (not their system). Getting onto the Family’s agenda. Set up and create needed books and manuals for the family like a Safety Manual, Household Manual, and Employee Manual. Build lists and standards documents and continue to streamline them and make them better over time. Provide knowledge of and proven experience in doing so. Build ALWAYS, and NEVERS lists for each home. Type and print master standards for use in all homes. Being a Certified Household Manager (CHM) or Certified Estate Manager (CEM) is critical or the capability to obtain such within 24 months.

Physical Security Standards: Understand and know about all aspects needed for family concerning alarm systems, CCTV, and biometric access controls. Previous design, blueprint and installation experience is a plus. Written or authored articles/designs in security periodicals a plus. Membership in equal societies and associations like the American Society for Industrial Security or others keeps them sharp.

Lighting, locks, building and safe room experience along with duress signaling experience crucial. In some instances, the family may have minor concerns about Act of God weather plan concerns such as a tornado, hurricane, fire or earthquake planning. These areas are of significant interest – look for expert experience here. In some cases dirty-bomb, blast concerns are very valid – again – ask for specialist expertise to be documented and for proofs.

Automobile, yacht and aircraft attack concerns also need to be handled by an expert. The Estate Manager often has graduated numerous schools on Anti-terrorism (US State Department, USMC, USA or others) and can readily be more of help to any Security Leader already on your team. In these regards – there can be the best qualified and the least qualified. You take your life into your hands when you treat this area with casualness.

Graduates from necessary personal protection and driving schools like Executive Security International (ESI), US Secret Service (USSS), FBI, CIA, Department of Defense and Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI) provide the most reliable skills. You are not looking for mania – what you are looking for is protection during the once in a lifetime attack someone in your family could experience.

Personal Protection Standards: Bodily protection measures are necessary and different from physical security as they not only include individual protection but electronic protective methods. These include high-level meetings held in the mansion that could be bugged or tapped. Electronic countermeasures technologies are critical to being understood as the office typically offers the most significant protections, and the estate does not. Digital theft, copying, banking online, scams, schemes and photographing are all areas to evaluate and put your Estate Manager to the litmus test against. In all cases – these skills can still be taught – should an Estate Manager not have them on their CV.

Duress codes, devices, and signals are critical and must be understood. Ask them to explain the difference between all three for the average family.

Bodyguard and weapons proficiencies/techniques may be needed and to most extents, not all Estate Managers can facilitate those needs – but some can. Before hiring or evaluating in this area – know that graduates of Executive Security International (ESI) will carry a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) designation behind their name. In all cases – in all of these areas – look for certifications and graduations that lead to classifications. “Self-appointed,” authorities and the local Black Belt rarely bring the skills that are needed.

Purchasing, Vendor Negotiation, Inventory and Vendor Practices: A full understanding and documented experience in secure purchasing practices are required. Review of all credit card holder statements on each estate is typical. Procedures to be established or utilized are necessary to avoid major scams or stings by an occasional employee. Even the longest-serving Butler of 28 years can fall victim to an urgent need for money some decade – this is where established policies and procedures with counter-checks and balances come into play. It can and may happen to you – secure setup processes with fail-safe mechanisms. People stating they are above the rules are dangerous.

Management of pantries and storage rooms, shelf-life and rancidity First-in-First-Out (FIFO) rotation, many supplier bidding and contract negotiations for best practices as well as using inventory software. The Estate Manager should be familiar with all of these methods/practices and be able to explain them in great detail.

Experienced in negotiation and how to build friendly and rewarding relationships with vendors. Contract clauses and a full review is capability is necessary. Be familiar with pool systems and design, pest control techniques and contracts, entertaining to the significant level event with staging, massive tents and significant bands, budgets, agreements and utility experience is mandatory.

The best Estate Managers have a Certified Food Executive (CFE) or Master Certified Food Executive (MCFE) or Certified Food and Beverage Executive (CFBE) designation from the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA) or American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). Know what to look for and if you hire someone who does not have the credentials – lay out a plan that they must adhere to in pursuit of increasing their learning.

Computerized Implementation across Multiple Countries and Multiple Home IT Security is critical as family computers need a Hard Firewall and Norton System Works, software Firewall and Antivirus or some other software your I.T. GOD is using. Estate Managers should be able to step in and set up a video conference or fix a computer for a child in need. Banking systems and modern technologies offer website building on Secure Socket Layer platforms – being a Webmaster would be helpful. Graphic design in Adobe Photoshop comes in handy for manuals as much as it does for children in school. Backing up hard drives to secure, portable hard drives is important and keeping them in safes is critical. Your people should know how to do this or how to be taught by the Estate Manager.

During an interview, Estate Managers should be able to demonstrate quickly how to protect an Adobe .pdf document to prevent cutting and to paste, modifying - as well as printing – the first sign of not being TECHNOLOGICALLY ADEPT or able to keep you safe. Transaction security is paramount just as is a contractor changing words on a document after it is signed under the Digital Signature Act. Avoid half-million dollar lawsuits by hiring the best. Estate Managers should be miniature magicians that your I.T. GOD can rely on. They should also be able to build Internet Use Policy Manuals for all staff using computers.

Ask about password security and WHAT a right password would be? Call me for the right answer. How often should passwords be changed? Where should they be kept, in a drawer, a safe or behind the artwork?  Hiring, “the smile,” instead of hiring the person who was very skilled will be the difference between getting ripped off or not.

Being very familiar with cross-dimensional dynamics to link homes via Alternet software and VP networks (VPN) is beneficial. Currently, only the top Forbes 50 families have access to systems like these on a grand scale, but I expect this to spread in 2008 and beyond towards 2050. Homes all over the world linked to one another with full video and audio is the future now.

Manage Entertaining: Events Beyond the simple, local event being conducted by a Household Manager – be able to produce more significant events. Production, coordination, and management of mega-events. Create the finishing touch on all vital functions. This includes contracts for portable refrigerators and freezers, knowledge of electrical and AMPERAGE requirements to avoid the stage going down in the middle of dinner. Remember amperage – it will get them. Service standards, colors and linen knowledge, glass, crystal and china norms as well as etiquette values and protocol needs, menu and food idea creation with inspiring ideas for fun and lively events. What are some significant events they have managed (not WORKED AT – managed). Describe some exciting and fun-filled plans for a family party night…

Leasing equipment and outsourcing Chefs and Servers along with mass food purchasing from companies like US Foods or Sysco can be essential to save tremendous amounts of money and to increase quality for guests. Here, F & B Director, Party Manager, Restaurant Manager, Sommelier and previous Chef experience are invaluable. Certified Executive Chefs (CEC) from the American Culinary Federation and Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification or ServSafe certification are valuable.

Manage Smart Home technologies Previous design and experience with green-building, Lutron, Crestron, BOSE, SONY, home theater, satellite radio, and other technology companies can be conducive. Low voltage and high voltage installation experience (hands-on) is very useful as is a very high-level aptitude and IQ. The capability to grasp the dynamics of Smart Home design and installation can assist primary designers significantly.

Care for Fine Collectables: Cataloging, preservation and excellent care of antiques, sculpture, china collections, tapestries, carpets, automobiles, silver, artifacts, beautiful wine collections, artwork and storage systems. Previous conservation work or with the British Conservatory Trust, Smithsonian, Louvre or fine art galleries is hugely beneficial for you and your collections.

Of particular note are the cataloging, photographing and recording of collections. An Estate Manager who can 360-degree photograph each piece in a group, research each article and write an educated mini-dissertation of study on each section can help to quadruple the value of a collection by having it reevaluated.

Estate Managers who know when to use a mink brush on gilt frames and when not to will teach less experienced staff more.

Develop appropriate vendors and bridge relationships of trust to check lighting on canvas, warp, and weft, mold and mildew, workmanship, moisture content in the air and all other facets of destructive environmental risk for collections.

Private Jet, recreational machines, and Yacht relations: Experienced with the management of fleets of aircraft and sea craft. The Estate Manager, who knows detailed information about various devices designed for recreation, will also be helpful – from Sea-Doos to snowmobiles and hunt 4 x 4’s (mini tractor). Helicopter familiarity can be deemed suitable as well.

Can they fly in the air? Do they get motion sick? Are they prone to massive sea-sickness? Do they know how to swim? Are they rescue-swimmer certified or lifeguard certified? Could they get approved if you require that?

At times, some families have the need for fractional ownership into fleets and will need the Estate Manager to lease a yacht or plane – here food preparation, contractual obligations and negotiations can be constructive. If these items are on your radar screen in the future – ask about the exact and specific skills and experiences. Does the Estate Manager know how to operate any of these machines? What is the depth of their knowledge? If discussing repairs with a shop, do they know what they are talking about or would they get taken advantage of?

Degree Requirements expected for the IAHHRM’s Bachelor of Science degree will comprise 130 Classroom Credits (minimum) and Real World Credit of 1000 hours working in the industry. Students enjoy each semester handling four to five courses with top-flight clubs, groups, internships, sports, and one-of-a-kind life-changing activities that will add to a student’s curriculum vitae like no other university offers.

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