Program for Private Internship Graduation

The United States Presidential Service Center (PSC) affords the opportunity for professionals and non-professionals to gain credit, We are an inspected facility and approved via Laurel Estate & Resort Management and Placement. Continuing Education Credits (CEU's), or meaningful life-experience with a former White House Chef, Martin CJ Mongiello and to graduate at your esteemed facility. We bring our curriculum to schools, country clubs, and resorts. An internship is a critical component of all culinary schools and we have visited many the world over.

Upon graduation, all internship students receive a gold medal with red-white, and blue ribbon and are presented with an 11 x 14, large certificate with an embossed, gold-foil seal.

  • A one-day (8-hour) course of working with White House Chef Marti Mongiello is 1400.
  • A two-day course is 2500 (two 8 hour days).
  • Our one-week curriculum-based format includes our winery, restaurant, wine bar, gelato bar, farm work, olive oil and vinegar store providing comprehensive instruction from the farm to animals, to vinology and sanitation for 7200.
  • An apron featuring the private trademark and seal is included with chefs pants.
  • All graduates have their serial number registered to their name - see for more information.
  • Two of Chef Marti's books, signed, are included.
  • One of Chef Marti's trademark Chef's knives is included (a $700.00 set of redwood is also available).
  • You will take two oral exams and three written exams.
  • A typed, full-color letter of reference is provided based on the behavior and skills shown.

We welcome you to enjoy the cooking, market shopping and friendship of a lifetime with Chef Marti and our team!