Our Caring Faculty at the IAHHRM - Devoted during - and long after classes...

We have devoted our lives and teaching to job attainment and remuneration of students - to judge and examine the success of instruction.

Ms. Stormy LeAnn Neal, BS, PHR, SHRM-CP - President, a member of The Society for Human Resource Management (presently in her MBA program at WGU) and working daily across six states, with 250 properties and over 400 hospitality and property management employees managed (photo).

Mr. Antwain Thomas - Chief Development Officer (CDO), Intelligence Expert, Signals Expert.

Mr. Allan B. Miller - Director of Education, Managing Director, Headmaster of Institute. 

Mr. Krister Gustaffson, BS - Experiential Director, Children's Creationist, Museum Expressionist. Award-winning museum designer is known worldwide. 

Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA, MA, MCFE - VP of Hospitality Licensure, Secure Family Protocols, Security Design, former White House Chef and a GM of the Camp David Resort and hotels worldwide. Security CCTV, alarms, biometrics, behavioral, personality prediction and investigations expert working with Dr. Lucy Gibson and Dr. John Lounsbury for all psychometric testing via Resource Associates.

Ms. Ann Edwards, Vintner, Farmer, and Winery Expert.

Mr. Paul Vincent Benedict Brown, Award-winning butler, working for six years at Buckingham Palace, including with Princess Diana, and Director of the Royal Household HRH Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Mr. Orlando S. Herrera, Jr., MSA, CPS. Senior VP of Government Affairs. Author and compilation expert for life story writing of principals books presently completing his Doctoral degree.

Mr. Paul Brandus, B.A., Award-winning author of Under this Roof. Correspondent inside the White House Press Pool, West Wing Reports, and writer for MarketWatch Dow Jones, and USA Today.

Mr. Charles Edwards, MS, Vineyard, and Farming Expert.

Mr. Rick Scott - Executive Chef, Knight of the Chaine de Rotisseurs.

Mr. Travis McVey - Spirits Expert, inventor of Heroes Vodka.

Ms. Kendra Hubbard - Ad Hoc Innkeeper and Nanny.

Ms. Mindy Reynolds, BS - Teacher, and Executive Assistant.

Ms. Alexis Skidmore, AS - Ad Hoc Innkeeper and Nanny.

Mr. Michael C Mongiello - Chairman of the Board.

Ms. Marion Bonnette - Executive Director, Interviewer, and Resume Expert.

Ms. Kimberly Hambright - Household Manager.

Ms. Lesley Haggins, MS - Accountant and Bookkeeper.

Mr. Gerald Goforth - Maintenance Director.

Mr. Steven Bowen - Director of Sanitation and Sterilization. SERVSAFE Licensed Instructor.