Our Teachings with Doctors

Chef Marti (left) is one of only a few chefs ever allowed to learn the detailed kitchen methods of Doctor Ornish (center) and Jean-Marc Fullsack (right) via the White House Military Office - while working inside the famed Claremont Spa & Resort in Berkeley, California. He is presently working on healthy cookery in conjunction with the study of DNA to influence disease mitigation and control, illness correction, gene expression, changing your genes, chromosome study towards future breakthroughs of elimination of illness, disease, and challenges. 23andme.com is the most extensive genomic database on earth. Marti's old world methods of cooking (and life as an Executive Chef) was changed at the age of 28, stopping him in his tracks with lard, Crisco, butter, white sugar, meats and more dominating his life of cooking.  Chef Marti and Chef Stormy both have been coded. Extensive medical reports and work are here.