Try a Few Free Recipes from the Presidential Culinary Museum!

Try a few of Chef Marti's and Stormy's complimentary recipes from around the world. You don't have to be a White House Chef to whip up some fun food! You may want to read the recipe and then watch them make it on TV.  After reading and seeing how it's done, you'll be, "prepped like a pro!" like

1. Mary Todd Lincoln's favorite Charlotte Russe (as seen on CBS and NBC TV gimme' the recipe now!), enjoying fresh Strawberries from Driscoll's - "Only the finest berries."  And Strawberry Shortcake Day is coming up! Watch the CBS episode here.

2. The famed Chi-Dog (see it on TV) or (gimme' the recipe now!),

3. Dolley Madison's Fresh Ginger Cake with Black Pepper - Cardamom Syrup (as seen on NBC TV - gimme' the recipe now!), enjoy watching us use Driscoll's fresh fruit - "only the finest berries."  And Strawberry Shortcake Day is coming up!

4. Fresh Swordfish Steaks with Maui Fruit Salsa (watch this episode in HD here) or (gimme' the recipe now!)

5. President Jefferson's Beef Vol-au-Vent in Paris (see it on TV in an upcoming episode) or (gimme' the recipe now!).


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